My Life with Max

by Horny Genius

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Recorded in a basement on a Tascam 4 track in the summer of 1986, this great little gem from the legendary Iowa City group, Horny Genius, is now available on digital format for the first time! Yay!


released September 1, 1986



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Horny Genius Iowa City, Iowa

Horny Genius was a seminal indie band from Iowa City, Iowa that was around from 1985-1991. They officially released two cassettes, "Dogs Under the Car" and "My Life with Max", an EP, "Man and Beast", a track on the Mondo Stereo sampler, "Crane", and a LP that was also on Cd, "Burn Your Sister". "Swell Maps meets the Feelies in a garage(chicken coop)....." Max is now out digitally. ... more

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Track Name: For Your Information
The definition is here. Here is the definition.
The life you lead through. She said an act of contrition.

He stood alone in a field of corn. Driving through the park at dawn.
I saw the news I saw the horror. Her favorite Beatle was John.

Music is my inspiration. The things we’re forced to do.
The paper said she was engaged. You said something I wish I knew.

A murder in a small town, The body count has risen.
The dream we know has no future. I wish I knew I was forgiven.
Track Name: Closet Vibrations
Sitting in the dark and wondering when I’m gonna get out.
Sitting in my closet and I feel I’m going to shout.
I’m spinning around and I wish I really could leave.
I feel closet vibrations
Such a deep sensation.

A man came today and let me out of my closet.
Sometimes I wish I was still in my closet.
I can feel the walls closing in around me.
Track Name: Vertical Hold
A summer’s kiss leaves you dry, my thoughts came true for a day.
Take the moment we have , watch it’ll pass you by.

A comet in the sky. We live our lives in a vertical hold.

I knew the rain would fall, I wish I really knew when.
The way I felt today. Will it ever go away?
Track Name: I Could Be
On a trip in the dessert he lived with his eyes. He soon found out how much was in his eyes.
Twisted marks he made in the sand. But he couldn’t make anything that he could hold.

Mister could you stay and it wouldn’t have to change. Without a thought of better things.
Same as it is as when I am with them. Same as it is as when I know them .
Gladys Knight with eighteen arms Gladys Knight with eighteen legs. I thinks I’ll listen to you.

When he got home got a job selling shoes he got money he got clothes and crumbs from shoes.
Each and every night he made a picture for his wall. At night he would sit and feel his lines.
And he finally did go. Back under the sun.
And he dug with his shoes. And he scratched with his hands. And made it good. With his tongue.
Track Name: An Aesop Fable
The Indians in the Black Hills, killed Custer because he lied.
They had hoped that God would save them all. They had lost and were left with their pride.
Saw the lights go out today disappeared into the sky, some say they'll back in May, got to make it through the night.
I've never been to North Dakota wonder if I should go. Stay away from North Dakota there's some things you shouldn't know...
A sunspot was found on my house. It came from an Indian down south. He stood with his hands in the air. While he screamed that he just didn't care.
Track Name: Back in the Garage
Define your life.....
Track Name: Walking in a Volcano
And here I sit like a blue eyed crow. Spending my time in a house of long shadows.
A flock of birds practice for the fall. But I can’t see that coming at all.
In my oceanic state this sleepless sickness makes me wait.

Walking in a Volcano.

Driven by passions I don’t understand, falling into the purest hand.
Balanced between the obscene and the poised.
But I get caught and pulled into the noise.
Drums along the long read. We reduce issue to abstraction.
We throw books across the room and look for some reaction.
I can go from a sweet natured guy to a bastard cynic in a wink of an eye.
Birds shun the rocks and head for the trees.
I want the big bang but I fear where it leads me, where it leads me
Track Name: Hallway
I don't know enough, to have a real good time.
Stopped all of senses. Talked to my face too much. Told it to talk slow then. So it would make more sense. What kind of sense could it make.
Should I wag my tail?
I don't know enough to do the slickest things. Not strung along not doing. Not taking in what comes. If you could have seen them its. Now you're life would have come out. Centuries of stories come rushing out. And move in your eyes with rounded shines.
I don't know enough to do the something thing. I don’t know enough to have a real good time.
How could you ever tell, just what you are looking at. All of the flashes for you. How do you know man. . And think of things you have never seen. Without ever getting disappointed.
Track Name: Neo Tech Man
It has nothing to do, with positive thinking.
But it does apply to power gathering techniques.
You destroy anyone with your powerful mind.
You’re in control to do what you want.
No can spot the Neo Tech man completely natural but invisible

He can impoverish anyone he chooses. He can win love over an opponent.
He is deadly armed with an unbeatable weapon. He is the one informed, the others are not.
You can gain prestige, you can gain respect. You know that you can hold all the cards.
You’re man on the hill, you quietly rule all. All will now yield to the new neo tech breed.
Track Name: Wild Bill
You think it’s something easy to do. I think it’s easy for you. But you never notice that. For you it’s just a matter of fact. You’re a godless cheater. You’re a sinners’ liar. You’re a lying sinner.

Life’s so pleasing to me Hickok ,let’s have a beer.

You never spoke to me. I never wished you did. I’ll never speak to you. You might disappear. You’re a rubber pagan. You’ve got sweaty leather. You love tar and hambone.
How many times can you tell original lies. Since I met you I’ve been lost in the isles. Show me soon before I’m too old. Wake me love getting lost in the isles.
You been messing with me. You been messing around. You’ve been making me see. Places that can’t be found.
Wild jumping wild Bill. Hold me cheap tornado. Take me to your smelly heaven.
Track Name: Safety Pin Man
Woke up this morning with the moon so loud through my window. I had to get out.
This morning was eight years ago, try to find me, I’m not around. What’s the use of making your bed when you won’t be back again. I’m gonna lie in the swimming lights and drink in every drop.
Standing barely still but still barely standing I’m a safety pin man
Still stuck together but I think I’m unraveling I’m a safety pin man.
Lit a fire in the corner of my lawn. Let it burn and it’ll never go out.
A vacant stare up to the sky, a million miles away I‘m not around.. Ghosting like a daylight moon. Barely seen but I’m still here. Running at a different rhythm and scattered like leaves.
Track Name: Boneyard
I ’m going downstream just like the man on channel 4. He’s his back to a map of the world.
He says its going to rain forever more.
And it’s probably nobody’s fault but if it were it’s probably be mine.
And it’s probably never gonna pass but if it does I’d say any time.
Whistling in the bone yard. Picking up what’s been dropped before.
You can’t pick what’s never been there.
Whistling with a head full of holes. Holding out a hand full of bones.
You can’t hold out what’s never been there.
There’s another power line down. I can tell by the line the transformer hums.
It’s lying twisted down on the ground. It’s going to sing until the repair man comes.

I wanted to paint the sky red, but I guess I’ll never be quite that tall.. On a night like the stars don’t
Twinkle, they just fall. They’re showing movies on the face of the moon. Someone fell asleep in the projector room. Tom Edison’s gonna have to wait cause me and his light bulb we got a date
Track Name: Future Reference/Experiments in Zero Gravity
I am certain that the time is right. But I wonder where to go. As I go and make my flight. Is there something I should know?
Please save me for a future reference. Will I be a future reference? I don’t want to be a future reference.
With the world hanging by a rope. I’m wondering where to go from here. Should I still carry some hope?
Or have another beer?